audi-, audit- 聞く

名様突破! 大好評! 私、鈴木 拓の講座(セミナー)


audience 聴衆
・The audience danced and clapsed and swayed to the music.

audible 聞こえる
・There was an audible gasp from the audience.

audimeter 視聴率調査用メーター

audio 音声の
・audio signal

audio-visual 視聴覚の
・audiovisual equipment

audiometer 聴力計

audiophile ハイファイ愛好家

audiphone 聴音器

audit 会計検査

audition オーディション
・an audition for the lead part

auditor 会計検査官、聴く人

auditorial 聴覚の、会計検査員の

auditorium 劇場の聴衆席

auditory 聴覚の、聴衆(席)

auditory 聴覚の

disobedience 不従順、違反

disobedient 不従順な
・a disobedient child

disobey に従わない
・Pilots who disobey orders to land can face upt o five years in prison.

inaudible 聞こえない
・The whistle is inaudible to most humans.

obedience 服従、従順
・Robin's obedience to her mother.

obedient 従順な
・Edmund was a cheerful and obedient student.

obediently 従順に、恭しく

obeisance 敬意、うやうやしいおじぎ
・Worshippers rang bells and paid obeisance to the gods.

obey 従う
・Look how well their do obeys.