am-, im- 愛

名様突破! 大好評! 私、鈴木 拓の講座(セミナー)


amateur 素人、アマチュア

amateurish しろうとくさい

amative 恋愛の、色恋の、好色的な

amatory 恋愛の、好色的な

amenity 心地よさ
・The small town has all the amenities of a large city.

amiable 気だてのいい、心のやさしい、愛想の良い
・Kovitsky spoke in an amiable, conversational tone.

amicable 友好的な、むつまじい
・Both sides were able to reach an amicable settlement out of court.

amicably 友好的に

amity 友好
・a spirit of perfect amity

amorist 好色者、恋愛文学作家

amorous 好色の
・The park is a favorite spot for amorous couples.

amorpatriac 愛国心のある

amorpatriae 愛国心

amour 情事

enamor enamour 恍惚とさせる、恋い慕わせる
・Charley was never really enamored for Paris.

enemy 敵
・She is a dangerous enemy to have.

enmity 憎悪、敵対
・For many years, there has been deep enmity between the two ethnic groups.

inimical 敵対する、敵意を持つ
・Price controls are inimical to economic growth.