ab-, abs- 離れて

名様突破! 大好評! 私、鈴木 拓の講座(セミナー)

ab-, abs-はawayのように"〜離れて"という意味の語根です。


abhor ぞっとするほど嫌う、拒否する
・I oppose and abhor discrimination of any kind.

abnormal 異常な、変態の
・Some people suffer an abnormal fear of being in open places.

abolish 廃止する、撤廃する
al-, ol-, alt-, ult(育つ)
・Welfare programs cannot be abolished that quickly.

abortion 中絶、流産、失敗
ori-, ort-, ori-(上る、始まる)
・The woman's doctor advised her to have an abortion for medical reasons.

absolve 放免する、無罪を申し渡す
solu-, solv-, solut-(解く、ゆるめる)
・Moving away will not absolve you of the responsibility for paying your debt.

absorb 吸収する、吸い上げる
sorb-, sorpt-(吸い込む、飲む)
・Lead that gets into your body is absorbed into the bones.

abstain 慎む、控える、断つ
ten-, -tin-, tent-, -tain, ten-(保つ)
・Teens are being urged to abstain from sex.

abstract 抽象的な、観念的な、概要
trah-, tract-, treat-(引く)
・Gorbachev took the abstract idea of reform and made it a reality.